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Alluring Adventures

Travel emails of my adventures have now become an exciting new blog for a new and much wider audience to enjoy. Join me as I journey through different countries of the world, see famous sights, meet extraordinary people and taste exotic foods. I’ll travel in virtually every type of transport you can think of and stay in all kinds of accommodation along the way.

Alluring Adventures

Alluring Adventures is a global adventure providing an insight into the great joys and gritty realities of backpacking around the world on a budget. It’s a journey of discovery that has left me with indelible memories that I want to share in the hope of entertaining and inspiring your own travel dreams. This is my story - enjoy the ride!

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We hit the ground running in the chaotic but richly rewarding capital city of Delhi in INDIA. We'll explore Agra before heading to NEPAL for a three week trek in the renowned Annapurna area before returning to the holiest city of Varanasi. From there, the journey goes west through a myriad of extraordinary places such as Khajuraho and Mandu. After a visit to the Buddhist rock caves of Ajanta and Ellora, we’ll arrive in Mumbai.

Taj Mahal

It’s off the tourist trail but there’s an excursion through Gujarat with the interesting hilltop temples of Palitana. The highlight of many trips to India is undoubtedly the colour and history of Rajasthan. It's here that we'll visit wonderful old forts, majestic palaces and experience the Thar Desert on a camel. Before leaving the north of India, we'll detour to Pushkar and explore the Pink and Blue Cities. Take a moment to catch your breath because we head south next.


Starting in Chennai, we'll do a loop around the south of India, finishing in Bangalore. It'll take us to amazing temples in places like Chidambaram and Thanjavur. There’s a visit to Kanyakumari on the southern tip of the country followed by an escape from the dusty road at the beach of Varkala. Cruising the serenely beautiful Kerala backwaters and walking the quiet streets of Fort Kochin are highlights of this itinerary. We'll then take the miniature railway to Ooty and travel on to Mysore with its stunning palace.

Kerala backwaters

After a few days in Bangalore, the last part of this journey is in SRI LANKA. There'll be a misadventure or two in Colombo before heading to Kandy and other great places in the lush green Hill Country. I'll take you on my early morning ascent up Adam's Peak, through the pretty Nuwara Eliya and the tea plantations of Haputale. Hiking to the temples and waterfalls around Ella is also a wonderful experience. We'll then descend to the southern coast to explore the history of Galle and relax on a couple of lovely beaches on the western coastline.

Adams Peak

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