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Alluring Adventures

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Around the World in 80 Tales

My Adventures

Budget travel is full of adventures. Whether you are climbing a mountain, riding an elephant or scuba diving on a coral reef, every day away from home is a unique experience. Sometimes simply finding a place to stay or catching a bus can be an adventure. Meeting the local people, bridging the language barrier and discovering their unique culture is also an adventure. These are some of the joys of travel and the reason why we keep doing it.

Meeting the locals in northern Vietnam
Meeting the locals in northern Vietnam

My adventures have taken me up snowy mountains and down raging rivers of white water. They have taken me deep into an ocean world of colourful fish and coral reefs. I’ve seen incredible history and religious culture in some of the world’s great temples and churches. I’ve hiked through the mountains to the lost city of an ancient civilisation. I’ve been in awe as I explored the largest salt lake in the world and hiked to the bottom of one of the deepest canyons.

My collection of travel photos includes images of the world’s most famous architecture, iconic structures and natural wonders. I’ve visited numerous World Heritage sites recognised for their beauty and historical significance. I’ve walked along the fine sands and swum in the clear waters of the most beautiful beaches imaginable. I’ve enjoyed breathtaking views from countless different places but all equally memorable. I’ve tasted food so unusual that I would find it difficult to describe.





But it’s not all about spectacular places and gut-busting activities. Travel can provide adventure in quieter moments experienced every day. Often it’s simple interaction with people that can leave the fondest and most abiding memories. I’ve been touched by the kindness and humility of the many people who have helped me in many different ways. Sometimes I’ve had to overcome communication problems and cultural differences but in the end I call these people my friends.

And that’s what travel is all about.

Alluring Adventures

Seeking sights, sounds, smells, tastes, experiences and people that we’d never find at home. That, to me, is an adventure. On this website I have documented some of my adventures in entertaining travel stories, colourful photos and an informative travel blogs that you are welcome to read. I’m doing all this because I don’t want to keep it all to myself. It’s been such a wonderful experience that I want to share it with you all. I want to spark your inspiration and desire to start living your own backpacking dream.