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Travel Unravelled book



Answers to all my most commonly asked travel questions can be found on the FAQ page.

Useful Links

Travel Resources

There is a wealth of information available to backpackers and world travellers. So much, in fact that it probably feels a bit daunting and even confusing. Travel planning and trip preparation can become difficult. So just where do you start?

Well, right here actually! This part of my site divides backpacking into three distinct phases and gives you clear guidance on each one. Simply click on each link to read more.




Within each of these pages you’ll find links to other important information that will combine to leave you well informed on how to travel like an expert. Whether your trip is just a short break or a gap year round the world adventure, this is the important logistical information you will need to get started.

Further Information

Travel Unravelled Book

Travel Unravelled

The ultimate guide for seeing the world on any budget

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If you feel like you have questions unanswered or need all your travel information collated together into one convenient and easy reference then look no further. I have spent years researching and calling upon my own experiences to bring you the ultimate guide to budget travel.

While many travel resources provide you with an overview of what you require, my guidebook Travel Unravelled will comprehensively take you through EVERYTHING that you need to know. Finally, there is something that you can depend on to answer all your questions and create the best possible travel experience…