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Tile TLE-02001 Bluetooth Tracker

The nature of travelling is such that you are always vulnerable to losing valuable items. The Tile emerged in 2013 as a tiny Bluetooth tracker and phone app that enables you to easily locate them again within seconds. It’s great for tracking lost luggage and is compatible with a wide variety of Android and iOS mobile devices.

Tile TLE-02001 Tile TLE-02001 on Keychain

How Does it Work?

The Tile is a small plastic gadget with a hole in the corner that enables it to slip onto a keyring. It can also be attached to an item by using an included adhesive square. It is made from durable material and it completely water resistant. If an item is lost, a ping via Bluetooth will make the Tile sound an audio alert for the misplaced item. This alert is rated at 90 decibels and will continue to work within a range of 80 feet.

A map built into the phone app displays the last location the Tile was logged. Although the Tile doesn’t have GPS tracking built into it, there is a ‘Community Find’ feature. So if the lost item is out of range, other users with the app can help locate the missing square. It’s worth noting that the battery is non-replaceable. This has the advantage of never needing to replace or change the battery but also means that the unit needs to be upgraded after about a year.

What's New in Gen 2?

Tile TLE-02001 with phone

The Gen 2 version of the Tile TLE-02001 offers several great new features:

  • It allows you to locate a lost phone. Pressing on the “e” in the Tile logo means your phone will start playing a tune if it is within range.
  • You can mark the Tile as lost and then receive a notification on your phone when it comes back into range.
  • Tile users are notified 11 months after activation that they can upgrade to the latest model at a significantly discounted price.


The Tile can be useful for someone who has a bad habit of losing things like keys, phone, wallet or even the television remote. It can even be used to keep track of pets but the gadget can be invaluable for travellers. This clever use of technology can quickly locate anything from a lost money belt or phone to your entire backpack or suitcase. It is no coincidence that the Tile TLE-02001 is currently the single biggest selling travel accessory on Amazon.


The Tile TLE-02001 Gen 2 Bluetooth Trackers are available in single or multi packs. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of both convenience and the best prices.

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Tile TLE-02001 Gen 2 Bluetooth Tracker

Amazon 4.0 out of 5 stars
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tile TLE-02001 Gen 2 Bluetooth Tracker
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