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Sundome 2 Person Tent

For more adventurous travel, hiking and camping, you’ll quite likely need a tent. The type of tent you need is dependent on which of these activities you are doing because one size doesn’t fit all. One of the most popular and highly rated tents on Amazon is the Coleman Sundome 2 person tent. There are good reasons for this and it’s ideal for some requirements.

Sundome 2 Person Tent

The Sundome tent is a great tool for outdoor excursions and camping use in relatively dry conditions. It does have patented WeatherTec system of welded floors and inverted seams to keep water out but doesn’t hold up so well in very wet conditions. Also, due to its relatively heavy weight, it isn’t really suitable for carrying on hiking and backpacking expeditions. This is a tent that is much better used for camping with a car access.


Sundome 2 Person Tent

Sundome Tent WeatherTec System

The Sundome tent has an X-shaped pole construction which essentially makes it a free standing structure. The advantage of this is that it can be conveniently pitched on any ground and easily moved if necessary. Set up generally takes about ten minutes. Although it is a two person tent, there is no extra space for any other gear. The rain fly only covers the top section of the tent and doesn’t provide any vestibule outside the internal area for backpacks or other items.

The tent has one door but mesh windows on all sides. The rain fly adequately covers these vents to allow for ventilation and there is also an extra vent opening close to the floor. Although this isn’t large, it helps to allow an air flow through the tent. Inside the tent, you have two mesh pockets to keep small items. These are very useful for keeping a head torch and valuables. There is also a zippered port in one of the corners for electricity connection.


Sundome 2 Person Tent
  • Floor size: 2.13m x 1.52 m (7ft x 5ft)
  • Floor surface: 3.24 sq m
  • Height: 1.22 m (48 in)
  • Weight: 3.26 kg (7.2 lb)

Pros and Cons

Like just about everything, the Sundome 2 person tent has several great advantages and also a few disadvantages:

  • Weight: relatively heavy for backpacking or hiking
  • Rain Fly: only covers top of the tent
  • Storage: no covered external vestibules

  • Price: virtually unbeatable value when purchased online
  • Design: easy and convenient to use
  • Free Standing: can be pitched anywhere and easily moved

Sundome 2 Person Tent


The Coleman Sundome 2 person tent is an enormously popular tent that receives a high average rating from Amazon customers. While it couldn’t be regarded as a 4 season tent, it provides reliable shelter from insects, wind and moderate rain. At just over 3kg, it is relatively heavy for backpacking or hiking tours and best suited to camping with vehicle access. There is space for a backpack if you are sleeping solo but not with two people sharing the tent. So to summarise, if your travel includes outdoor adventures in a relatively dry environment and you don’t want to spend a lot, then this is probably the ideal choice for you.


The Sundome 2 person tent is manufactured in green and navy colour options. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of both convenience and the best prices.

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2 Person Tent

Amazon 4.6 out of 5 stars
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
Coleman Sundome 2 person tent
Amazon Price: $45.25

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