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Merrell Moab Hiking Boots

When you are travelling adventurously, arguably the most important item you’ll be wearing is on your feet. Strong, comfortable footwear is vital to the success of your trip and if you’ll be hiking along the way, then a pair of lightweight boots is the best option. They’ll ensure your feet stay dry and well supported all day long.

Merrell Moab Hiking Boots


There are a myriad of footwear options available for adventure travel and it took some time to research what I believe to be one of the very best options based on quality and affordability. The Merrell Moab hiking boot has various patented technologies built into every pair leading it to become a best seller and one of the most highly rated footwear items on Amazon. Its popularity has been built on the following features:

  • Gore-Tex: This unique fabric is a multi-layer material designed to be impermeable to water whilst being highly breathable to allow moisture and steam to leave the shoes. It offers 100% waterproof and wind-proofing to keep the feet comfortable and dry. Merrell use Gore-Tex in the boot uppers and a bellows tongue to complete the waterproof seal.
  • Merrell Moab Hiking Boot
  • EVA Foot Frame: Present throughout the Merrell shoe range, this reinforcement element is designed to keep the foot perfectly positioned for maximum comfort and shock absorption. It offers support to keep the heel locked in place and helps correctly align the foot so it rolls efficiently.
  • Air Cushioning: Running the length of the shoe under the insole, the soft supportive cushioning provides shock absorption from walking. Again, it comes in all Merrell footwear and with different designs for men and women, maximum support is given where it is needed most.
  • Bellows Tongue: This is described as a wide folding tongue of a shoe or boot that is attached to the sides of the uppers so as to make the shoe watertight. This means that despite having mesh cut outs for breathability, the boots are waterproof to morning dew, rain, and snow. Stepping into a stream still soaks them but drying out is very easy due to their ventilation.
  • M Select Fresh
  • M Select Fresh: Yet another Merrell technology that has been included in the Moab hiking boots. Using natural enzymes, M-Select Fresh breaks down perspiration and eliminates sweat and odor-causing bacteria, keeping your feet smelling fresh.
  • Lightweight Quality: The Merrell Moab hiking boots have a listed weight of just 850 grams (30 ounces) but still offer top quality. Apart from the Vibram sole, the upper is manufactured from imported leather with a breathable Gore-Tex mesh lining. Sturdy black caps protect the wearer's toes and heel.
  • Vibram Rubber Soles: It is acknowledged around the world that Vibram offers the best possible mix of stickiness for grip and hardness for durability. Vibram Rubber features throughout the Merrell shoe range, with innovative tread patterns to maximise grip across a wide range of surfaces. You’ll know it’s a genuine Vibram sole by the distinctive yellow logo embedded in the rubber.
  • Vibram sole Merrell Moab boot


As you can see, Merrell pack a lot of technology into all their footwear and the Moab hiking boot is no exception. Wearing these boots is an assurance of comfort and support on any terrain and in all weather conditions. Users have noticed a reduction in blisters because the ventilation and the light weight keeps leg muscles from getting prematurely tired on long hikes. Overall, their comfort and support is second to none, making them ideal for any travel, hiking, backpacking adventure.


Merrell Moab hiking boots are manufactured in black, dark tan and walnut colours. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of genuine quality, convenience and the best price.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
Merrell Moab Hiking Boots
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