Inspire Your Wanderlust

Five Things You Can Do to Inspire Your Wanderlust

So you’ve thought about travelling. You like the idea and it’s something that you’ll probably do ‘some day’. It’s all very vague isn’t it? It sounds like you need some inspiration because there are seven days in the week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them. Let’s look at what you can do to spark your desire for travel and adventure...

1. Reading
There are numerous choices of what you can read that will inspire wanderlust. A visit to the library will reveal books on all the most popular world destinations. Newspapers and magazines have regular travel features. Although they are full of practical and logistical information, I always find that reading a guidebook makes me more excited about a potential trip. Of course any book or article with photos always makes a greater impression.

2. Internet
More reading but the wealth of information and the interactive way it is presented can really fire your imagination. For more about a particular country or simply some destination inspiration, the internet is an almost unlimited resource. The advantage of the internet over some books is that you can get the most up to date facts and figures. This includes special travel offers that may even tempt you to ignore excuses, book a ticket and be on your way!


3. Travel Shows
They may only happen once or twice a year, but attending a travel expo if you get the opportunity is perhaps the most powerful inspiration of all. Everything seems to be brought into a sharper focus and your dream seems to come alive and feel closer. There are experts to speak with, presentations to watch and all kinds of information to collect. It’s never a surprise to me when I always see so many people talking to agents and booking their trips on these weekends.

4. Television
Travel documentaries are a sure way to inspire even the most reserved mind. Maybe it’s just me, but seeing someone else exploring a great travel destination makes me want to do the same. If the program includes activities that I love such as hiking or seeing wild animals the desire always seems to be greater. Some movie locations can have the same effect, especially if the film is inspirational or based on a true story.

5. Friends and Family
There’s nothing quite like hearing travel stories from close friends and family members. It’s exciting and it seems to add another dimension to a potential destination because you now have a personal connection to it. If they genuinely recommend visiting then you naturally place trust in that. They know all your likes and dislikes. What better inspiration could you have than someone like this suggesting that you should go?

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