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Travel Planning


Information for those thinking of doing volunteer work abroad. Explores the options of doing it independently or through a third party organisation.

Travel Preparation

Gap Year Travel

Whether it is a traditional gap year before starting university or an extended career break, this is the ideal opportunity to travel the world. The future is guaranteed to none of us so there’s no time like the present to see the sights, experience different cultures, speak another language, learn about fascinating history and try delicious foods. Make a bucket list and try new things. Dream. Discover. Explore.

Travel makes you richer

Travel is an education beyond anything you will learn in the school classroom. This is especially true if you are going backpacking and seeing the world by travelling alone. It’ll teach you virtues such as patience, understanding and resourcefulness. You’ll return infinitely more interesting than when you left and realise that budget travel makes you appreciate all that you have in your life at home. Your world travel or working holiday will also make you more attractive to potential employers.

Doing gap year travel can be refreshing and liberating. It’s the perfect way to free yourself from the rut of an unfulfilling job or unhappy personal situation. Even packing up or selling material possessions can be great. If you are travelling alone, you can live life like a dream. You have an overwhelming sense of freedom that not only allows you to make all your own decisions but also naturally improves your ability to make better choices.

Dream. Discover. Explore.

The great thing about taking a gap year is that while you are changing, evolving and having an amazing experience, friends and family will be there for you unchanged when you get back. Honestly, I’ve been away backpacking for months at a time and when I return things are always much the same.

The most important reason to travel though is for yourself. Everything that you experience on your journey, whether good or bad, will shape and define who you are as a person. As a backpacker, you’ll develop unique qualities and see life from a different perspective. It invokes a sense of contentment and you’ll probably find yourself becoming less indulgent than before. Even money itself ceases to be as valuable as you realise that yes, world travel is indeed the only thing that you buy that makes you richer.