Who Else Wants to TRAVEL Better,
Further and for Longer?

Introducing the ultimate guide book for your travel planning, trip preparation and the journeys of your dreams

Travel is a wonderful thing but are you finding that apprehension and uncertainty are crushing your dreams? Perhaps you’d love to see the world but just don’t know where to start. Are opportunities slipping away because you don’t have the courage to take them? Maybe you wish that you had more knowledge and experience to start living these dreams.

The problem with experience is that you usually get it immediately after you really need it. If only you could use someone else’s knowledge and experience. Someone who has been there, done that and made some mistakes along the way that you can learn from. Someone who can guide you through each step of your travel, even before you leave home.

Trusting me to be that person means you can travel with complete confidence.

Dave Tomlinson

"Buy a ticket, catch a wave, make new friends, climb a mountain, discover what matters, have a great time and have no regrets"

Dave Tomlinson

I can make you this promise because...

My book is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know when it comes to travel. It’ll take you through the entire process beginning months before your departure, the entire journey and even after you return home. It’s been thoroughly researched but more importantly, written from my own experiences.

I know the apprehension that you’ll experience and challenges you’ll face. I know because I’ve had to face and overcome them myself. So I’ve packed the book with my best travel tips because I know they will be relevant to you and I know that they work. It’s everything you need to travel better, further and for longer.

Okay, but you may ask…

Why do I need this? Doesn't my travel guide have what I require?

No. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m a big advocate of travelling with a guide book of some description. They will give you excellent information on WHERE to go, WHEN to go and WHAT to do but what you need to know is knowledge on HOW to go.

Travel Unravelled works together with your guide book to give you everything you need to travel with confidence and enjoyment. Here's a look at what is included...

Book summary

Other books have been written on the art of travel but many of them only offer randomly presented and often incomplete information or advice. My book took me nearly three years to complete. A long time I know, but I wanted to be certain that the content is comprehensive, interesting, presented professionally and easy to understand. The goal that I’ve achieved is to cover every conceivable topic related to travel in clear sections, chapters and subheadings.

Above all, I wanted to be sure that every page is relevant and important to YOU.

But don’t just take my word for it...

Have a look at what other readers have said:

Avoiding mistakes... Quotation mark

I wish I’d read this book before I travelled! Looking back, I was naïve and made some mistakes the hard way but I think many backpackers would say the same thing. Finally, there is something that teaches the dos and don’ts of travel before leaving home.

Giving confidence... Quotation mark

Dave has done a great job in pulling together all the aspects of travel into one place. Great for any new traveller who wants to know what it’s all about. Reading this book will give anyone the confidence to explore the world, even in difficult countries or on a tight budget.

Denise, IRELAND Denise
Passion for travel... Quotation mark

I got this book for my son but it is so inspiring I want to travel myself! Dave clearly has a passion for exploring the world and this shows in his writing. He has a genuine desire for people to live their travel dreams and have the best possible experiences along the way!

Great presentation... Quotation mark

I love the way the information in this book is presented in a natural and logical order. It guides the reader through every phase of their trip planning and preparation. I didn’t realise there was so much to learn about daily life on the road and I’ll certainly travel better now!


The Risks of Travelling Unprepared

An overseas trip is an adventure. It is an amazing experience but things can go wrong. You can potentially encounter problems ranging from minor inconveniences to a disaster that will see you on the next plane home. But it doesn’t need to be like this.

Most travel problems can be prevented or overcome with knowledge or experience.

For years now, I’ve been travelling the world and gaining that valuable experience. I decided it was time to share my wide knowledge with other backpackers because I want them to feel empowered and confident that their journey will be a success.

The risks of travelling overseas unprepared are many and varied but I’m not here to discourage any travel dreams. On the contrary, I want everyone to live their travel dreams! Take a gap year, explore the world and have an adventure but do it successfully. Create wonderful memories instead of forgettable ones.

If my book can prevent you making just one serious mistake I’ll be happy but my goal reaches far beyond that. With Travel Unravelled I want you to have the best possible travel experience!

But do you sometimes doubt that you could travel at all?

If you’ve struggled with this question in the past you might have a few questions why it’s possible now. Questions such as:

All perfectly reasonable and natural questions! I know because I was asking myself exactly the same things years ago. The short answer to all these questions is yes but I know you’re seeking more than that. Fair enough! So why is it yes?

Because, if I can use a little cliché; where there’s a will, there’s a way. In the end, you have to decide that your desire to fulfil your dream is greater than any fear or objection you may have of it.

You show me the will and I’ll help show you the way.

What other readers love about Travel Unravelled

I have had many positive comments from readers about Travel Unravelled and what it offers them. So let’s take a closer at the content...


World Map
Travel Unravelled books

The Ultimate Travel Resource...

  • Definitive Sections – dividing travel into the distinct phases of planning, preparation and the journey itself. It’s written with the clear understanding that travel actually begins long before departure day and the experience also extends beyond returning home.

  • Clear Chapters – every topic within each section is examined in detail and presented in a natural chronological order. Readers love this because the book itself becomes a travel checklist to ensure that every aspect of their trip is covered.

  • Quality Content – Travel Unravelled is very comprehensive and great value for money. It is 292 pages of important information relevant to any traveller, especially those on a budget. There is a strong focus on saving money to help make your journeys last longer.

  • Inspiration – The book has been written with a genuine passion for travel. It contains both colourful photos and quotes that will inspire your wanderlust and desire for adventure. There are also features on other inspirational travellers who have achieved extraordinary things.

  • Easy to Understand – Written by a traveller for a traveller. Things are explained in simple, clear and concise language. Short summaries are often given at the end of each chapter and you’ll find ‘Top Tips’ sprinkled through the book to highlight the most important points.

So what exactly will I find in Travel Unravelled?

The book has divided travel into three distinct phases. Let's have a closer look at each one...


It all starts with your bucket list; those travel dreams that you want to see come true. We’ll look at the most suitable destinations, the best time to visit and how to create an itinerary. I understand that a traveller’s budget is one of the most important considerations so we learn how to create one and address the question of whether to travel alone or on a guided tour.


This section is about gathering together everything you require for your journey and ticking off those important tasks prior to departure. There’s a comprehensive packing list included but also a focus on the golden rule of travelling light. The sections on immunisations and malaria have been written objectively without any persuasion about your best choices.


The 46 chapters of this section cover every aspect of daily life on the road, including keeping to your allocated budget. Perhaps the most important chapters are those relating to keeping yourself safe and healthy. These are potentially the biggest problems for any traveller but there is also plenty of information on the logistics of transportation, accommodation and adjusting to other cultures.

The benefits of this book are many and varied. Just like life itself, when it comes to travel, knowledge is power. This power will manifest itself in a confidence that when you get on the plane you’ll be ready for any challenge! It’ll be a reassurance to know that you’ve learnt from someone else’s mistakes so you won’t be making them yourself. Instead, you’ll be getting on with having a great time and creating unforgettable memories!

Let’s see what a couple of other readers say…

I'm ready for travel... Quotation mark

I read Dave’s book to help give me the confidence to travel overseas. I’ve always loved the idea but didn’t know where to start with it. With all the information in Travel Unravelled I now feel ready for the challenge and excited to be planning my first trip. If I can do it you can too!

Easy to understand... Quotation mark

Even if English is my second language, this book is written clear and easy to understand. I learn a lot from its pages and feel very prepared for any travel now. I want to share all this great information with other people I meet because it’s too good for just keeping alone.

Elizabete, BRAZIL Elizabete

A summary of what you’ll get

Travel Unravelled Books

* Travel Unravelled is also available in Kindle from the Amazon website.
Amazon Kindle

My Guarantee to You

Money back guarantee

I am confident that my book answers all your questions related to backpacking and budget travel but I understand what it’s like making a purchase online. You want to be sure that the product is going to satisfy your requirements and meet your expectation.

It’s for this reason that I’m going to offer a full money back guarantee for Travel Unravelled.

If you have any further queries after reading the book I will personally answer them through the Contact Me page on my website. After that, if you still don’t feel it has been a worthwhile investment I will refund your money with no further questions.

Purchase Travel Unravelled

Before it was available publicly, I gifted Travel Unravelled to several people who had contacted me through this website. In return, asked them for feedback on the content and value of the book. Their opinion was that the content was invaluable for any traveller and placed its value at about $30.

While this is a fair price for the time that I’ve spent creating it, I want the book to be affordable and a valuable investment for young people wanting to explore the world. Inspiring and informing other travellers is worth more to me than anything. Accordingly, Travel Unravelled is just $7.50 and also comes with a FREE GIFT!

Travel Unravelled can be obtained through the Buy Now link below. Payment can be either with a credit card or via your Paypal account. After a successful purchase you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will be able to download and gain immediate access to both books.

Please Contact Me if you have any questions about the book or purchase procedure.


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A Final Word

Thank you for visiting Step Ahead Travel. If you are interested in doing gap year travel, backpacking, student travel, adventure holidays or even volunteer work abroad, Travel Unravelled is for you. Be inspired, gain expert travel advice and receive the confidence to make your adventurous dreams an awesome reality.

Travel is a rich kaleidoscope of people, places, events, history, culture, food and fun. The world is a book and you’ll only ever read from one page if you don’t travel. So sail away from the safe harbour. Explore, dream and discover. Enjoy all that the world has to offer because twenty years from now, you’ll never regret it!

Happy trails,

Dave signature