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Wanderlust Travel Socks

Healthy Legs

Without appropriate precautions, long haul fliers can face some health risks. One of the more serious threats is deep vein thrombosis or DVT. This is the medical term used when the blood flow has slowed to a point where clots can form and is especially common in the lower legs. Although pregnant and overweight people are more susceptible to DVT, anyone who has been through prolonged periods of inactivity or with a medical history of blood clotting is at risk.

Affect of Deep Vein Thrombosis
Deep vein thrombosis

Compression Socks

The best solution to avoiding deep vein thrombosis on long flights is to wear compression socks or stockings. These specially designed socks gently apply pressure at your ankles thus facilitating blood flow and reducing swelling of the legs. Correct fitting socks that fit snugly into your feet can also reduce or eliminate restless leg syndrome and edema while also encouraging better sleep.

Compression socks

Wanderlust Air Travel Socks are a popular choice among both travellers and those with a range of medical conditions for a number of reasons:

  • Design – They are black, knee high socks with a stylish design. They won’t bunch, constrict the calves or leave deep red marks on your legs. Aside from travellers, they are great for medical workers, athletes or pregnant women.
  • Wanderlust Travel Sock sole
  • Compression – Wanderlust Socks offer medical grade graduated support which means 25-30 mmhg at the foot and ankle, 15-20 mmhg at middle of the leg and calf and 10-15 mmhg under the knee. This is the ideal amount of compression for your legs without feeling too tight.
  • Comfort – Advanced technology has been used for maximum comfort. The following features help make Wanderlust the ideal choice for compression socks:
    • Seamless Toe Box: Reduces friction while preventing blisters and corns.
    • Arch & Heel Support: Relieves plantar fasciitis.
    • Extra Soft Foot Padding: Absorbs impact and ensures ventilation.
    • Anti-embolic & Circulatory Design: Ideal for diabetics and those with arthritis.
  • Versatility – Compression socks have many benefits beyond long haul travel. Aside from activities such as yoga or pilates, they are also great for athletes striving for an elite performance and fast recovery. They have been proven to be beneficial after surgery and in the prevention of spider and varicose veins.
  • Wanderlust Travel Sock
  • Guarantee – Wanderlust promise that their compression travel socks are the most:
    • Perfect fitting
    • Swelling reducing
    • Pain relieving
    • Long lasting

If you don’t agree after your first use, they will either refund your money or send you a new pair for free. Think of it as your 100% “Love at First Flight” satisfaction guarantee!

Wanderlust Sock Features

Wanderlust sock features


Wanderlust Air Travel Socks are premium compression stockings for both men and women. They are a cotton blend and come in a stylish black design. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of both convenience and the best prices.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
Wanderlust Travel Socks
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