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Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser

For many travellers, the need to take daily medication continues regardless of where they are in the world. Even those not on medication often carry dietary supplements on their trip. Lugging around individual boxes or bottles of pills and trying to keep track of which medications you’ve taken throughout the day can quickly become tiresome. Fortunately though, you can save space, weight and time by using a portable pill organiser.

Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser


Many of the traditional pill organisers are made of plastic compartments with snap shut lids. While they might be fine at home, for travel they are bulky and the sound of pills rattling around is annoyingly noisy. Despite using rubber bands to keep the tops in place, they often still pop open with pills spilling out. The solution is the Lewis N. Clark Folding Pill Organiser, which is a best seller on Amazon for the following reasons:

    Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser
  • Secure: The organiser has a Velcro fastener that closes to keep the contents completely secure. It is both lightweight and adjustable to accommodate the number of pills you’re carrying. Its subdued black colour blends in easily with your other belongings so it won’t even look like a pill organiser. The individual plastic pill pouches are made from strong plastic with a secure zip lock closure.
  • Compact: Unlike a plastic pill organiser, this one is made from polyester fabric that adds virtually no weight to your bag. It measures 20 x 10 x 2cm (8 x 4 x 1 inches) meaning it will conveniently slips into your purse, briefcase, carry-on bag, backpack or suitcase without being so small it's difficult to locate and retrieve.
  • Design: The Lewis N. Clark Pill Organiser features 16 individually-labelled clear pouches, each with a slide-locking closure. It has blue and red tabs and a numbering system to help keep track of daily and weekly doses. Users have found the numbers are more versatile than days of the week and there are also 8 days rather than the 7 offered in most plastic organisers.
  • Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser pockets
  • Versatility: One of the most loved features is that the generous size plastic pouches are all easily removable from the organiser itself. This means if you are going out for the day or evening and need to take your medication, you only need to take one pouch, not the whole organiser. The pouches can be easily rinsed out and you can purchased more separately on Amazon if required.
  • Bonus Pocket: In a large exterior zippered pocket there is a handy medical reference card. This can be used to note vital information such as your name, emergency contact details, physician contact information, medical conditions, allergies and current medications. In a medical emergency, this can be potentially lifesaving. Users have also found this pocket handy for carrying band aids, medical receipts or even a travel size blood sugar meter.
  • Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser


Whether you are taking every-day prescription medication or dietary supplements, the Lewis N. Clark Folding Pill Organiser is the ideal way to easily keep track of which tablets you’ve taken throughout the day and night without accidentally missing a dose. The removable plastic pouches will keep up to 6 capsule-size pills secure, dry and well organised until you need them. All without that annoying noise of pills rattling around in plastic containers!


The Lewis N. Clark Pill Organiser is manufactured in a discreet black colour. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of genuine quality, convenience and the best price.

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Amazon 4.6 out of 5 stars
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
Lewis N Clark Pill Organiser
Amazon Price: $10.59

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