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Lather & Wood Shaving Oil

For years I travelled with my large container of shaving foam or gel taking up most of the space in my toiletry bag. That was until I discovered a much better option: shaving oil. With a small and relatively light bottle of oil, I’m saving on space and weight in my backpack while also getting great skin protection and conditioning when I shave.

Lather & Wood Shaving Oil


There is little doubt which is the most popular and highly rated shaving oil on Amazon. The Lather & Wood Pre-Shave Oil is loved and strongly recommended by the vast majority of people who use it. Although it is also available in larger 60ml (2 ounce) bottles, this particular size is ideal for travel. Apart from that, there are other good reasons why this product has become a best seller:

  • Skin Protection: Lather & Wood Pre-Shave Oil is ideal for men with tough beards, ingrown hairs or sensitive skin prone to razor burn. The proprietary blend of oils softens the beard, conditions the skin and gives a superior slickness for extreme comfort. Reviews have repeatedly mentioned the superior lubrication of this product that helps the razor “glide” over the skin, preventing razor burn and irritation.
  • Lather & Wood Shaving Oil
  • All Natural: While commercial shave foams and gels contain toxic chemicals that are absorbed through the skin, Lather & Wood shaving oil uses a blend of seven natural oils. The plant derived ingredients such as grapeseed oil, organic olive oil, meadowfoam oil, wheatgerm oil, cranberry oil, red raspberry oil, rosemary extract and neem oil work together to nourish and moisturise the beard and skin.
  • No Foam: While some pre-shave oils are designed to be used with a foam or gel, the seven natural oils in Lather & Wood create a noticeably thicker blend. This means you get don’t need anything else! Simply apply the oil, allow 30 seconds for it to penetrate your whiskers and being shaving with the confidence of superior skin protection and conditioning.
  • Sandalwood Scent: If you like a lingering old school scent, reminiscent of the time when shaving was an art form, you’ll love this shaving oil. It’s an excellent smell that is masculine but not overpowering at all. And if sandalwood isn’t your thing, then you can opt for the unscented variant of the same oil.
  • Usage: The Lather & Wood shaving oil literally only takes a few drops for each shave. Specially formulated for wet shaving, just massage one pump of the oil gently into the skin until it has been absorbed. This makes it great for travel because you are only using a tiny amount each time and the bottle should last well.
  • Lather & Wood Shaving Oil


The bottom line of Lather & Wood’s hearty shaving oil is that it offers great shaving protection without the need for additional foam or gel. The all natural blend of oils conditions your skin and it also includes Vitamin E (tocopherol) which helps to tighten the skin and keep you looking younger. It is suitable for thick or coarse hair without fear of burning or irritation. So whether you opt for the unscented or a bottle of the pleasant sandalwood oil, you can be assured of a top quality product at a reasonable price.


Lather & Wood natural shaving oil comes in 30ml (1oz) or 60ml (2oz) bottles, both with scented and unscented options. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of genuine quality, convenience and the best price.

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Lather & Wood Shaving Oil
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