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Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles

For adventurous travel that will include hiking and trekking, a great addition to your packing list is a pair of trekking poles. Not only will they reduce the impact on your legs, knees, ankles and feet, but they’ll allow your arms to help propel you forward and upward. This means that whether you are walking on flat ground or up steep hills, poles can help you establish and maintain a consistent rhythm and increase your average speed.

Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles


When it comes to trekking poles, the choices can be a little bewildering. In choosing what I consider to be the best, I needed to consider a number of factors including the price. The Hiker Hunger trekking pole ticked all the boxes. Interestingly, it is almost identical to the Foxelli HOG1 Trekking Poles except for slightly different locking mechanisms and branding. Both are popular and very highly rated on Amazon, with nearly 90% of people giving them the maximum 5 star review.

  • Quality: Carbon Fibre is a natural anti-shock material and these trekking poles not a cheap mix between carbon fibre and aluminium. They are fitted with durable tungsten carbide tips; including tip protectors for protection. The quality of the Hiker Hunger poles is confirmed by the 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles
  • Comfort: To provide the best experience possible, Hiker Hunger have developed an ergonomic cork grip that is comfortable, moisture-wicking and conforms to the shape of your hand. Cork grips are popular because they are lighter and less slippery than synthetic grips. They are smooth, durable and resist skin chafing in warm weather. The poles also include nonslip EVA Foam Grip extensions underneath the cork handle for use on steep terrain.
  • Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles
  • Versatility: This is truly a hiking pole for all surfaces and terrains. Apart from the poles themselves, you also receive the following in a free carry bag with strap:
    • 2 Rubber Tips
    • 2 Rubber Feet
    • 2 Mud Baskets
    • 2 Snow Baskets
    • The trekking baskets promote stability on soft terrain and are easily twisted on and off if you want to replace them. The interchangeable tips allow you to switch between tungsten-carbide tips, rubber tips and rubber feet to account for changing trail surfaces.
    Hiker Hunger Trekking Pole attachments
  • Weight: The Hiker Hunger poles are made from 100% carbon fibre meaning they are strong and very light. A single pole weighs just 215 grams (7.6 ounces) making the pair together only 430 grams (15.2 ounces). That is a total weight under half a kilogram (1 pound)!
  • Fully Adjustable: The Hiker Hunger poles feature a Quick Flip Lock so you can collapse or extend them quickly and easily. Fully extended, they are 137 cm (54 inches) but they can collapse to 61cm (24 inches) in seconds. You can even separate each section to be only 54cm (21 inches) and fit neatly inside your backpack or suitcase.
  • Hiker Hunger Trekking Pole


For a genuine 100% carbon fibre trekking pole both the Hiker Hunger and Foxelli HOG1 Trekking Poles represent outstanding value. Aside from being strong, lightweight and comfortable, they both come with more attachments than you’ll find on other poles. The interchangeable tips, feet and baskets mean that you’ll have stability in soft terrain such as snow or mud. So whether you are backpacking, on a winter expedition or a far flung adventure these compact poles come highly recommended.


Hiking Hunger Trekking Poles are manufactured from 100% carbon fibre in a black colour. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of genuine quality, convenience and the best price.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
Hiker Hunger Trekking Poles
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