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GoGirl Female Urination Device

Without meaning to be sexist in any way, sometimes it’s good to be a guy. This is especially true when needing to pee. We can do it standing up, skip long lines for the bathroom and quickly go in all kinds of convenient places at short notice. This is especially true for travel when sometimes a toilet either can’t be found or it’s too dirty to use comfortably. Fortunately though, with the help of an urination device, women now have much better options when answering nature’s call.

GoGirl Female Urination Device


Put simply, a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) allows women to pee standing up. While the concept may be new to you, European women have used female urination devices for years. It’s a neat, discreet and hygienic way stand up to crowded, disgusting, distant or non-existent bathrooms. There are a range of different devices available but the GoGirl brand has become a best seller on Amazon for a number of good reasons:

    GoGirl Female Urination Device
  • Convenient: GoGirl is perfect for any active girls who enjoy sports, music festivals, camping, traveling, the great outdoors, etc. It is small and extremely lightweight (weighing literally only a few grams) meaning it will easily fit into your purse, daypack, glove compartment or even pocket. Having one with you means no more crouching over or having to use unsanitary public toilets.
  • Design: The GoGirl urination device is made from flexible medical-grade silicone that is resistant to moisture and germs. It features a patented splash guard to help eliminate messing and spilling. The silicone rubber is thin so the device can roll up small and fit into its own storage tube meaning that you have both convenience and discretion.
  • Reusable: GoGirl can be disposed of after use but there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t be cleaned and reused many times over. After use, there are two options: either clean with soap and water and allow it to air dry or put the unwashed device into a plastic bag to wash later. Remember that urine itself is sterile, but the product can come into contact with contaminates during use, so take precautions when cleaning.

Using GoGirl

The basic instructions for using GoGirl read something like: hold it against your body to form a seal, aim and, well, pee. It sounds simple enough but users will readily tell you that it takes some mental adjustment for the female mind. The key is to just relax and let it go but it does take practice to be confident that you have mastered the technique. Do this in the shower and you’ll soon reach a point where using GoGirl will feel like second nature.

GoGirl Female Urination Device GoGirl Female Urination Device

User Tips

To help you reach this point, here are some hard-won lessons that other users can share:

  • Always make sure you have carefully placed GoGirl before urinating. Don’t place it too far forward or you will miss your goal and splash your pants.
  • A wide stance is recommended and angling is important. Sometimes it’s easier to pull your underwear to the side rather than down.
  • Relax and trust yourself. Let it go naturally and control the speed to avoid overflow.
  • Never pee into the wind because you will immediately regret it.
  • Pack your GoGirl with a small package of wipes or some toilet paper.


For women travellers, needing the bathroom can be a problem but with a female urination device they no longer need to worry about sketchy or non-existent toilets. It might seem like a weird concept to some but many others know the convenience of such a device. With some practice, it’s easy to use and offers a new sense of freedom, wherever you are in the world. You'll be thanking yourself the first time you need it AND you actually have it with you!


For the fashion conscious, GoGirl is available to two colours: a pinkish-lavender and khaki. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of genuine quality, convenience and the best price.

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Urination Device

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Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
GoGirl Female Urination Device
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