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Columbia Silver Ridge Pants

When it comes to packing for budget travel, it’s all about saving weight and space. It’s for this reason that one of the first clothing items I always pack is a pair of convertible pants. I then have two items of clothing in one. Wear them as long pants when it’s cooler or to avoid mosquito bites and then zip off the legs to make them into a pair of shorts. No matter where in the world I’m travelling, I’d never be without them!

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants


For casual exploring and travelling in warmer climates, the Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants are an ideal choice and represent great value for money. They are very practical for your needs during the day and also stylish enough to wear out in the evening. Let’s have a look at the features that make them so popular and highly rated on Amazon:

    Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants
  • Comfort: There are 11 waist sizes and three lengths to choose from so the pants offer many different sizing options. The fabric is smooth and soft against the skin and they have an elastic waist for additional comfort. Some online reviewers have noted that the pants tend to run small especially in the waist, crotch and upper thighs so if in doubt, choose the larger or two sizes.
  • Durability: The Silver Ridge Convertibles are manufactured from 100% rip stop nylon and have stood up well to tests conducted on them. Bear in mind though the purpose for which they are designed. For activities that include higher levels of abrasion you are probably better with pants made from a heavier material.
  • Belt and Pockets: The pants come with a nylon webbing belt with a plastic buckle. What I like about this is that this waist tightening system isn’t integrated with the pants and can be detached. So it can be removed for an activity like swimming but put back to make the pants look more stylish in the evening. They have both zipper and Velcro pockets for carrying and securing items when hiking or sightseeing around cities.
  • Technologies: There are two different technologies built into the Silver Ridge Convertible pants. Omni-Shade offers UPF 50 sun protection while Omni-Wick offers advanced evaporation technology. So although the pants don’t have a DWR coating and get wet easily, the moisture evaporates quickly from the thin fabric, especially in warm weather.
  • Omni-Shade Omni-Wick

  • Breathability: Providing you have a good fit, the very lightweight fabric of these pants makes them the ideal choice in warm and sunny climates. They offer heat diffusion and breathability which is better than similar pants made from heavier materials. This adds to the overall comfort and a reason why so many people love wearing them.
  • Versatility: The Silver Ridge Convertible pants zip off to become shorts just above the knees. The zip is discreetly hidden under a hem so the shorts look good. If you are going out for the day, just slip the pant legs into your day pack (they weigh virtually nothing) and you’ll be prepared for strong sunshine, cooler weather or mosquitoes at dusk.
Columbia Silver Ridge Shorts


The Silver Ridge Convertible pants well made using both sun protection and evaporation technologies. They are not ideal for more serious hiking with the potential for cooler temperature ranges or inclement weather. However, when sized correctly they are perfect for the needs of a casual explorer or traveler, especially in warmer climates. They are very affordable and their adaptability makes them great value for money. Whether you are hiking, sightseeing, swimming or going out in the evening, you’ll always have something practical, versatile and stylish to wear.


Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants are manufactured in a variety of different colours and sizes so you’re sure to find something to suit your preferences. Buying online through Amazon is an assurance of genuine quality, convenience and the best price.

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COLUMBIA Silver Ridge
Convertible Pants

Amazon 4.4 out of 5 stars
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants
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